Taking my work and life outdoors in these times of Covid...

I’m working on several projects exploring and caring for urban wildlife, waterways and green spaces - right down in the dirt and through mobile web artworks.

I live near some of the spring sources of the River Moselle, which creeps its way eastwards through north London.  Its traces appear in unexpected, mostly indirect ways. The ghost course is mostly culverted over, but there are occasional visual glimpses, and tantalising sounds of the river flowing beneath drain covers.  Eventually it joins the River Lea and then the Thames, then out to the great estuary, the confluence of all these links.

With XAP, we have been working on a collaborative mixed-reality walk along the River Wandle in south London.  As you walk along the river’s course to its confluence with the Thames, geo-located triggers conjure up (on your mobile device) imagery, sounds and floating text, revealing the river’s rich industrial history and its fraught and resurgent contemporary urban flora and fauna.

I’ve been working with the Electric Forest Collective, to explore the digital embedded in the natural world.  Amongst other things, we are experimenting with harnessing the electricity generated by anaerobic micro-organisms in mud samples collected across London, and using that power to articulate the mud’s experiences, via sensors and natural language processing.

Further east at the Colne estuary, we are testing out a new mobile project, of geo-located poetry text, sound and image.  These walks are a wonderful vehicle for collaborative content, so I’m really excited to see how this develops over the next few months.